The prerequisite for making a perfect tattoo is to have a high-quality tattoo machine! But what would be more convenient than buying a tattoo machine? That’s a best tattoo kit! If you only buy a tattoo machine, you need to buy other accessories, which takes more time to compare and contrast, and the tattoo kit contains almost all the necessary parts needed in the entire tattoo making process, such as stroke, Single- use pen machine bags, tattoo cartridge needles, and, of course, power supply, cable, ink, and other practical gadgets, etc. With a tattoo kit, you can get to work in no time!

So today we intend to make a list of the best tattoo kits, review them in detail and show their pros and cons for your reference and choice. There will also be a guide telling you what to consider when planning to buy a tattoo kit. So let’s get started!

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    CNC Extraordinary P6 Tattoo Pen Kit

    The CNC P6 adjustable tattoo machine is specially designed for professional use, known for its freely and easily adjustable strokes, and is loved by a large number of tattoo artists. It adopts a CNC X-I motor – stable, strong and with low vibration, in order to provide a more comfortable tattooing experience for both artist and client. The overall design isergonomic, fitting comfortably in hand to reduce fatigue during extended use. Adjustable strokes allow artists to customize the machine to their preferred settings. Overall, this tattoo machine offers the perfect blend of power, comfort, and precision, making it an excellent choice for any professional tattoo artist. According to the feedback from tattoo artists, we launched this on the go set, with complete accessories, you can start tattooing anytime, anywhere!

    CNC P6 Adjustable Stroke Tattoo Pen Machine Kit Package

    • P6 adjustable stroke machine * 1 Unit
    • Carbon fiber tattoo travel case *1PCS
    • 1500mah RCA connector battery *2PCS
    • New CNC POLICE cartridge needles * 20PCS mixed size
    • Tattoo bandage  2.5cm*450cm
    • Tattoo gloves * 1 pair
    • 1.8M RCA 1.8m cable for machine * 1PCS
    • Type-C cable for battery* 1PCS
    • CNC logo metal stickers* 1PCS

    CNC-WE is the first generation wireless tattoo pen designed and manufactured by CNC. The original stroke equipped in CNC X WE is 3.5mm, you have the additional 3.0mm and 4.0mm strokes to choose from. This tattoo kit gives you full strokes options that you can use to create various tattoo styles! This tattoo kit includes 3 boxes of high quality Quelle tattoo cartridges and 1 box of disposable machine bag.

    CNC X WE Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit Package

    • CNC X-WE tattoo machine * 1 box
    • Quelle cartridge needles * 3 boxes (20pcs/box)
    • 4.0mm stroke eccentric wheel for WE * 1 pcs
    • 3.0mm stroke eccentric wheel for WE * 1 pcs
    • Single-use pen machine bags *1 box (100pcs/box)

    Rhein Rita Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit with 3 Boxes of Rhein Tattoo Cartridges

    We believe that the wireless pen is the most comfortable way for a tattoo artist to create masterpiece. The Rita wireless PMU tattoo pen combines tattooing and permanent makeup in one device, which achieves maximum freedom. Designed by the professional team according to the most comfortable hand feeling of humans, will lead you to focus on the creation and not worry about those annoying cords. It adopts high performance and durable motor, capable of stable output for a long time. The kit comes with 3 boxes of  rhein needle cartridges.

    Rita wireless PMU tattoo pen Kit Package

    • Red Rita wireless PMU tattoo pen machine * 1
    • An extra backup powerbolt
    • Rhein tattoo cartridges* 3 boxes (20pcs/box)
    • Single-use pen machine tattoo bags *1 box (100pcs/box)

    STIGMA Wireless Tattoo Kit

    The stigma machine is favored by tattoo artists because of its compact design and large-capacity battery. The 1200mAh battery supports 4-6 hours of working time. Using a high-speed coreless motor and a unique internal design concept, it solves a series of problems such as tired cutting lines, color leakage, and false cutting lines of traditional tattoo pens. The kit comes with 20 Stigma tattoo needles, ink, and charging cables, perfect for beginners.

    STIGMA Wireless Tattoo Kit Package

    • Wireless Tattoo Pen x 1pc
    • Wireless Battery x 1pc
    • Tattoo Black Ink x 1pc
    • RCA Cord x 1pc
    • USB Cord x 1pc
    • Tattoo Needles x 20pcs

    Hawink Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit

    The premium quality tattoo kit is designed with the professional tattoo artist in mind. This kit offers everything you need to get started in the world of tattooing. Each accessory has been carefully selected to provide you with the best possible experience while you create your masterpiece.
    The integrity of the set of accessories is top-notch, including high-quality needles, tubes, grips, and power supply to ensure smooth and precise lines every time.
    When it comes to machine noise, our tattoo kit operates with minimal noise levels, allowing for a comfortable and stress-free tattooing experience. The machine has been designed with precision and care to provide you with the best results every time.

    HAWINK Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit Package

    • 1 Rotary Machine Pen
    • 1 Wireless Power Supply
    • 20Pcs Tattoo Needles mixed sizes
    • 1 Bottle of Blue Soap Solution
    • A pair of Gloves
    • 2 pcs Transfer Papers
    • 1 Grip Bandage
    • 7 Bottles 5ml Tattoo Ink
    • 30Pcs Ink Cups(Large, Medium, Small)
    • 1 Package Box
    • 1 Waterproof Table Cloth
    • 1 Tattoo Bag
    • 1 Sparking Bottle

    Tattoo Kit Buying Guide

    While looking to purchase the perfect tattoo kit which suits your needs, there’s always a couple of things you need to keep in mind. This helps you ensure that you get the best value for your money and items of good quality in your kit.

    Here we have compiled a quick guide of the important considerations while buying your tattoo kit, to help you know the things you need to check before you buy.

    Check the type of tattoo machine present in the kit:

    As the tattoo machine is the most important tool in your tattoo kit, knowing which type of machine is present in the kit that you’re eyeing is of utmost necessity. Generally, the rotary motor types are much more difficult to control and make more noise, as compared to the magnetic coil types. Moreover, they drill the needles deep into the skin, and the scars take much longer to heal than with the magnetic types. The pneumatic types are newer and safer to use. Also, check the quality and condition of your machine. This also applies to the accessory tools.

    Check the extra items present in your kit:

    When buying a tattoo kit, make sure that it contains all the important tools in addition to the tattoo machine, preferably in duplicates. These tools include the power supply, ink caps, foot pedals, and a few other types.

    Check the types of tubes provided in your kit:

    Tubes are mainly of two types, those made of stainless steel, and those made of disposable materials. The steel types need to be sterilised after every use, while the disposable ones are single-use.

    Check the size of the machines and the needles:

    Make sure that the size of the machines is manageable for you, and that the needles are fine enough for a neat and clean design.

    Check the colours and quality of the ink present in the sample:

    The ink is one of the most important parts of a tattoo kit, and it’s better if you know the types of colours present. Moreover, it’s good if you test the ink beforehand, to check for any allergies and note the colour produced.

    Finally, check the cost of your kit:

    Make sure that the product that you are eyeing gives you good value for your money. Good quality products which are designed to last are always desirable.

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