Why You Need a Large Size Magnum Tattoo Cartridges?

Why You Need a Large Size Magnum Tattoo Cartridges?

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of the most advanced tattoo machines and accessories, Rhein aims to provide high quality and reasonable price tattoo needle cartridges to all tattoo artists to help our customers improve their tattoo skill by using our excellent tattoo needles. Now we carry a wide selection for you: Rhein tattoo cartridges, CNC POLICE cartridges, QUELLE premium needles, Stigma cartridges needles and Solong needle cartridges,  we’ve got you covered.

What is Magnum Tattoo Cartridge? ?

As known, the main purpose of round magnum or curved magnum cartridges is shading and color blending. Magnums are grouped with 2 rows of needles, with these 2 rows spaced-out structures, the needles have room around themselves. Thus, they can hold more ink with increased better ink flow which allows the artist to cover a larger inked area at a faster speed.

We use small Magnum configurations like 5, 7 and 9 cartridges for covering smaller areas. They have the least chance of overworking/chewing up the skin. 

Medium sizes are 11, 13, 15 and 17 Magnum to cover larger areas.

Higher needle configurations like 19, 21, 23 are for really large projects where we need to make progress during an average tattoo session.

Why You Need a Large Size Magnum Tattoo Cartridges?

When some tattoo artists reported that 27 needles are hard to close the large work perfectly, we designed the large size magnum tattoo cartridges 29, 35, 39, 45, 49 for really large tattoos or special demands.

Benefits of Large Size Magnum Tattoo Cartridges

  • Suitable for coverup or blackout work

               These needles are huge and are great for large tribal pieces, create a nice smooth gradient ink transitioned skin surface.

  • Cause the least amount of trauma to the skin, resulting in faster healing

In addition

Large Size Magnum tattoo cartridges are developed for making progress and build huge solid tattooed skin surfaces, either shading and coloring. This is the main tattooing feature of these needle configurations, which makes them a fundamental part of your tattoo supply inventory.

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