Coil Tattoo Machine

For those retro enthusiasts, Rhein® still persist in developing a newer generation of coil tattoo machines. We hope that by continually challenge ourselves, we can provide coil tattoo gear fans with better performance and more comfortable experience.
RHEIN WAVE Alloy Master Kit
RHEIN WAVE Alloy Master Kit
RHEIN WAVE Alloy Master Kit

RHEIN WAVE Alloy Master Kit

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RHEIN WAVE kit is specifically made for beginners tattoo artist, provide tattoo artists with a lighter and more reliable coil tattoo machine than ever before, guaranteeing that it will suit the needs and requirements of a newbie. What makes it worth considering are its friendly price tag, the inclusion of the basic items needed by a beginner tattoo artist, and the machines’ reliable performance.


  • Quality machines: product guarantees quality and reliability, putting your money in the right place
  • Friendly price: Forefront of the top budget-friendly picks in the market today
  • Made for beginners: let you equip yourself with everything to get started
  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy build
  • Highly functional digital power supply
  • Tuned in-house
  • Allows artists a better balance when they work   
  • Anodized aviation-grade aluminum

Package included

  • 1 x Tattoo liner gun, 1 x Tattoo shader gun
  • 1 x Tattoo power supply, 1 x Clip cord, 1 x Foot pedal, 1 x Standard power cord
  • 7 x color 5ml tattoo inks
  • 30 x Tattoo ink cups
  • 20 x Mixed Tattoo needles and 10 x needle grommets
  • 2 x Aluminium grips
  • 10 x Disposable tattoo tips(5 x 3RT;5 x 5FT)
  • 20 x O-rings,  20 x rubber bands
  • 2 x Tattoo practice skin
  • 1 x Allen key set(3 pcs)
  • 5 x Tattoo transfer paper
  • 1 x Pair of blue nitrile gloves
  • 1 x suitcase
  • 1 x connection cord


Tattoo kit detail show

2 coil Tattoo machine for beginners

rhein WAWE coil tattoo machine detail

7 different tattoo inks 

coil tattoo gun
handmade coil tattoo machine
coil tattoo machine
tattoo machine coil
RHEIN Tattoo Coil Machine M310 M311
coil tattoo machine
coil tattoo machine gun
CNC coil tattoo machine
coil tattoo pen
coil tattoo machine gun
tattoo coil machine
CNC coil tattoo machine

RHEIN Tattoo Coil Machine M310 M311

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  • Smooth and stable operation 
  • Exquisite design and excellent quality, 12 handmade warps coil, ensure stable power output
  • CNC qualified iron frame & copper rod, beautiful and durable, stable performance, fast heat dissipation, reduced heat generation


  • Capacitor: 47uf maximum 50v
  • Frequency : 6000switch/min
  • Front Shrapnel: 20G
  • Connection: Hook Line
  • Start Voltage: 5.0V
  • Coils: 12 Warp
  • Operating Voltage: 5.5V-8V
  • Coils Material: Pure Copper
  • No Positive and Negative Poles for Hook Line


1 *Machine

1 *Spare shrapnel for shader & Tools

Complete Tattoo Kit Motor Pen Machine Gun Color Inks Power Supply Needles - Hawink
Complete Tattoo Kit Motor Pen Machine Gun Color Inks Power Supply Needles - Hawink
Rhein Tattoo Supply

Solong Complete Tattoo Kit TK263

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Package Included:

  • 1 PC Rotary Tattoo Pen
  • 1 PC Digital Power Supply
  • 1 PC Foot Pedal
  • 20 PCS Tattoo Needles Cartridges
  • 1 Bottles Tattoo Ink, 30ml/bottle
  • 1 Bottle Green Soap 4OZ
  • 1 PC Foaming Cream 20Z
  • 1 PC Sparkling Bottle
  • 5 PCS Transfer Paper
  • 1 PC Color Cup with Base
  • 1 Pair Gloves

Warning and Disclaimer

If you are a tattoo beginner, please pay attention to the following warning tips:

  • Before starting to tattoo yourself or others, please read the Instruction Manual carefully, the Instruction Manual in Tattoo Kit could tell you how to start a tattoo. You can also check more teaching Videos on Facebook or Twitter.

  • As a tattoo beginner, you should practice your design first on practice skins or on pears, apples, or something similar to human skin. This practice is necessary to improve your tattoo skills. You should have enough tattoo skills before tattooing on human skin, tattooing on human skin is permanent. 

  • Before tattooing on your body, please make a Pigment Patch Test for the tattoo inks, if there are allergic reactions on test skin, please stop use the pigment and contact us for help. No matter which brand pigment you are willing to use, the Pigment Patch Test is necessary.

Pigment Patch Test:

  1. Using soap & water or alcohol, clean a small area of skin in the inner forearm.
  2. Apply a small amount of pigment to the area and allow it to dry.
  3. After 24 hours, wash with soap & water.
  4. If no irritation or inflammation is apparent. It may be assumed no hypersensitivity to the pigment exists.
  5. Test before application.


Please Keep This Mind!

Keep your body healthy before tattooing. A weak body, such as drunk, catching a cold, or any other sickness, can’t be tattooed on body. It may result in your body hard to recover if you persist. 

And also, keep your skin well protected after tattooing.

About recovery: Normally, the tattooed skin may take 5-10 days to recover. Please keep the skin dry in this period. Bathing, drinking alcohol, strenuous exercise is prohibited.

If you have any trouble or confuse to use our products, please contact Rhein Tattoo Supply directly.


RHEIN Coil Machine Shading Crow
RHEIN Coil Machine Shading Crow

RHEIN Coil Machine Shading Crow

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Loved by professional Nostalgic tattoo artists all over the world.


  • Newly-redesigned Crow RN006 features a revised geometric frame.
  • Secure grip on all standard metal and disposable tubes.
  • The inlaid steel rear yoke provides increased connection and multiple positioning options for ultimate contact with clip cords.
  • The fully-assembled machine weighs 4.85 ounces.
  • The Crow RN006 is available as a conventional liner, cutback liner, power liner, soft shader, color packer, and cutback shader. 
  • Deadlocks all tubes, and a new steel inlaid rear yoke provides superior connectivity with multiple position options.
  • Hand-built