Semi-Texture Waved Magnum(M1-STX)

The semi-textured Waved Magnum tattoo needles hold the ink better, as the ink can sit between the two rows of pins and also stick to the textured needle better, instead of just dripping out of the tube.
CNC Tattoo Cartridge Weaved Magnum POLICE
CNC Weaved Magnum M1 Tattoo Cartridge POLICE
CNC Weaved Magnum M1 Tattoo Cartridge POLICE
CNC Tattoo Cartridge Weaved Magnum POLICE

CNC Weaved Magnum ( M1) Tattoo Cartridge POLICE

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CNC POLICE NEW weaved magnum needle cartridges are quickly interchangeable and have their own integrated membrane that keeps ink and blood contained in the cartridge and away from the grip. The needles from the cartridge will protrude out of the end of the tip when the spring loaded needle bar plunger is pressed in and the needles will simply protrude back into their normal starting position when pressure is released, making it safe and easy to dispose of.

CNC weaved magnum needle cartridges are hand assembled, and go through various quality check stages before they finally make it through to packaging and sterilization.


  • CNC's new type of tattoo cartridge, every step of the production is very delicate, making your tattoo work extremely smooth and happy.
  • The needle is made of 304 surgical stainless steel and medical grade plastic, 
  • 100% EO gas sterilization, individually packaged.
  • The cartridge has a membrane to prevent ink from leaking into the tube or machine
  • High-quality silicone to maintain the flexibility of the needle. The main body of the cartridge is made of medical grade plastic, transparent brown, so you can see all the inside and the amount of ink entering the nozzle, an unexpected surprise.
  • Compatible with all rotary tattoo machines and coil machines, as well as CNC machines and grips.


  • Package : 20pcs/box
  • One-time use
  • Production time: recently
  • Validity period: 48 months