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Works great! Super quiet!

I was so excited about getting this machine and I wasn't disappointed I love it God price and arrived fast

easy to use

I am just a tattoo beginner, the price is very reasonable for me. The manual is convenient for me to use the machine better. All accessories
are included. In addition, the customer service was very patient to explain some details and usage to me

Best tattoo pen I ever had hands down. It’s perfect.

The quality and care in the presentation are very good, similar to other machines of the same manufacturer. It includes a seemingly good quality
silicone RCA cable and spare O-rings, which is to be appreciated. This small pen is surprisingly light, with only 120 grams it has a very small engine
and "direct drive" punching system. It feels like it's made of premium materials. Waiting to prove it my expectations are high, especially to make shading,
Looking forward to continued use.

Great machine. Great price

Highly satisfied with this tattoo pen. It's quiet. It's light. It takes 3 seconds to change needles. I also bought batteries. The power supply
can be used with a coil machine as well. When I open this up I was extremely surprised at how nice the quality of everything was. I would
100% recommend this machine for anyone wanting to try a pen style tattoo machine.

Freaking outstanding!!!

I'm very happy I ordered it saves so much time and clean up it's unreal.... Love this pen


his machine is great!!! It makes his job a lot easier and the battery life is excellent. My son did a beautiful
tattoo on my arm and I couldn't believe how smooth that machine works. Great, great, great!!!

Very well made

highly impressed, I'm impressed with the quality of these machines for the price. these coil Machines are set up appropriately
for a liner and a shader. The liner runs fast with a solid punch for clean crisp lines. The shader has a nice soft but clean hit for
nice pepper shading!

Great machine for the money

I love this machine,I will definitely be purchasing another one asap

Gets the job done well!!

What can I say? The tattoo needle from rhein tattoo supply work! In great condition & arrived promptly! Would definitely purchase again & they fit in the tips & tubes perfectly & on the wireless tattoo machine WE as well! No problems here!!! I like RHEIN's products.

Lasts all day almost in my rhein tatto pen

Do not hesitate to buy this battery. it's so simple to use the battery to last a long time and I've had no issues
with it at all. I also bought a tattoo machine from the Rhein, which works great with batteries.
really helps not having wires all over the place to do tattoos.

Wonderful wireless Tatoo machine

it cool and its light weight. Also very silent and smooth. Lines well and shades very well easy to use and convenient with
cartridges. It's worth it if you know what you're doing

The best tattoo pen as good as Cheyenne even more powerful

I own the real Cheyenne hawk and this. To be honest I use this one more because it's more powerful. I love that I can feel the power as I am tattooing my hands are still relaxed; hopefully they will make a new generic version on the pen by fk irons if so I'm so buying it ........
This is my work with this solong pen and I've been tattooing 12 years now
Please if you are new at the trade buy some practice skin and look up some techniques on YouTube and try not to depend on outlines just get you shade game up 😉trust me no lines no crime you'll become a badass overnight almost practice and practice ...............
Oh yeah before I forget I use the real Cheyenne tips simply the best!!

Absolute must have

not hesitate to buy this battery. it's so simple to use the battery to last a long time and I've had no issues with it at all.

It really helps not to have wires all over the place to do tattoos. Used with the tattoo machine I bought in Rhein, it was perfect!!!

Worth the buy!!!

Ok if you like me and are in search of a real true review then... You guys believe this one... This tattoo kit is absolutely awesome...
My kit contained everything that was stated! Which makes me super excited, everything was ready to go.
The ink is fantastic I've used vivid colors and they've turned out amazing! thanks, RHEIN. keep pushing us new products, highly
recommended products!

Solidly built and smooth running

I’ve used the Q2 machine for quite a few tattoos now since getting it. Its an amazing deal for the price. Very similar to the bishop rotary
as far as power and feel.

I must say initial impressions I'm very impressed animes at the Quality you get for this price the quality far exceeds the price point for
this tattoo machine but anyways back to the review so using this rotary tattoo machine and has a nice throw that accepts a wide variety
of cartridges, and adjustment points are very accurate this machine packs like no tomorrow and that's with minimal effort it easily can push
your biggest mags with no problem anybody looking to get this machine whether you're professional or you're just beginning this machine will
handle very well in every aspect of tattooing.

Best machine I’ve ever owned

So far I really like this tattoo machine. I love this machine with the 4.2mm cam. so far I've done a few tattoos and no problems. I probably
have used it for 16+ hours and works amazing with the battery I ordered on RHEIN as well. I've been running it between 8.5-9v for 4 hours
and 3rl shading 6-7.5v. A great machine for the price! Well, hope it was a decent review. Thanks for your time!

Great Cartridge

No wobble in the needle and not had any of the bladders blow out.
The package arrived great. Box of needles plastic wrapped for added protection.

Best damn Needles on the market

I can not believe the amount of money these needles are saving me. They are good quality and I can see an improvement
in my work since I purchased RHEIN tattoo needles. The best price you can get for the tattoo needles.

Love it get it you won't regret it!!!

This is a pretty great refresh tattoo machine kit. The machine itself, I AM IN LOVE WITH! The carry case is very convenient.
The needle cartridges I have not worked with yet but, just from looking at, I love that they are open tube... I tend to enjoy working
with open tubes much more. I love that ink caps are included because you can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH of these and the grip tape
and gloves as well. what I am really REALLY impressed with, is the quantity of ink... I will be using it on myself before any client and
I will update with that information later on how it goes and how well the ink takes along with the consistency and hold.

An amazingly Wireless TATTOO Machine

I was totally new to tattooing when I decided to purchase this wireless tattoo machine. From my admittedly novice perspective this machine is worth every penny. The WE
tattooing pen is really awesome, it feels similar to holding a pen and applies ink to skin with a similar feel. It is really quite, I could tattoo myself while listening to music or
the television. I think that is for the best!!!. With the use of this machine I have become completely hooked on tattoos, and tattooing. I would highly recommend this machine
to anyone looking to get started in tattooing.

Amazing lol

first day out of the box this cnc q2 tattoo machine felt like quality. Used it for one full tattoo and I absolutely love this short tattoo gun. The quality of the build
and the strength of the motor is comparable to the Cheyenne sol tattoo machine.
After a few days and several large full-day sessions I am in love with this tattoo pen, it actually reminds me of the professional pen
rotary brand STYLUS more than the hawk pen, but for the price, you can’t beat it.
so I'm doing this to help people like myself.. Just buy it .. Can beat it and pour of the 13 machines I own this is the best.. Got it today
and did this tat with it. It lines good and took my shading to another level.. If it lasts then I'm gonna ask CNC or rhein tattoo supply for a sponsorship.. Damn
good machine.

Definitely Recommend it!!!

The CNC WE wireless tattoo pen design makes me feel like I'm holding an actual pen which makes drawing those fine lines and shading a breeze without the tilted battery
weight. With just an easy magnetic snap your ready to go! This design has advanced features and perseverance with an ergonomic design and
is capable of working efficiently in low and high voltages both. Definitely would recommend!

Excellent item, one of the best rotary tattoo machines for the price.

I've ordered two of these by now.

The first tattoo machine I got is by far one of the best tattoo machines I've handled, Customer support is pretty good,
even a year after my original purchase they still check from time to time that the machine are working as intended.

This model is definitely one of the best rotary machines I've handled, and not only of the price range, but in general.

Very nice rotary tattoo machine!!!

By silent I mean if you have a sleeping kid in the room, no worries :)
Not a lot of vibration in the hands. Not super heavy but a good balance is more important than weight. I would recommend getting the whole tattoo kit
instead of the separate tattoo pen only. Its a very nice deal just doing the whole kit!!!

The Best Wireless Tattoo Machine I have ever used

This is an awesome wireless tattoo machine for the money magnetic battery top and revised needle depth. So far this tattoo line, color packing,
shades and I'm pleased for the money and awesome customer service and company I will buy again from them!!!

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