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CNC® Coil Tattoo Machine Liner M311


The M311 coil tattoo machine is available as a conventional liner, cutback liner, power liner, soft shader, color packer, and cutback shader.


  • The tattoo frame of the tattoo machine is made of high-quality brass.
  • The tattoo machine is used of 10 wrap handmade coils (imported copper wire).
  • A finely balanced and smooth-running tattoo machine, puts color in smoothly and shades with ease, also does a neat job of lining.
  • Suitable for all kinds of tattoo grips and tattoo needles.
  • Every tattoo machine is adjusted by professional before delivery, for the best performance!
  • Engineered and manufactured by CNC tattoo.


  • Capacitor: 47uf maximum 50v
  • Connection: Hook Line, No Positive and negative poles for hook line
  • Start Voltage: 5.0V
  • Operating Voltage: 5.5V-8V
  • Frequency : 7200switch/min
  • Front Shrapnel: 18G
  • Coils: 10 Warp
  • Coils Material: Pure Copper


  • 1* Machine
  • 1* Spare front spring
  • 1* Hexagon wrench
Coil Tattoo Machine Liner M311
This item: CNC® Coil Tattoo Machine Liner M311
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