Disposable Tattoo Machine Bags 100PCS


NOTE: We do not sell this product alone due to the mini size of the package may cause loss during international shipping.


  • Prevention: The tattoo clip line covers your tattoo clip line and can be used to prevent ink on the tattoo machine. Help keep the workplace clean
  • Reduce Noise: The unique design of this tattoo machine bag sleeve can effectively reduce the noise of the tattoo machine when it is working. Suitable for most tattoo clips and pen machines
  • Great Material: High Grade Plastic
  • Best Tattoo Supplies: The best consumables-this tattoo clip line is made of high-grade plastic materials, safe and practical. One-time use, throw away when used up


100pcs/each box

CNC Disposable Tattoo Machine Bags 100PCS
This item: Disposable Tattoo Machine Bags 100PCS
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