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CNC Q5 Rotary Tattoo Pen Kit


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  • CNC Q5 Tattoo Machine Has Japanese Coreless Motor, low noise, long-lasting stability, Continuous operation. Smooth, and operational lightweight pen-style machine.
  • 20 Pcs Tattoo Cartridges Needles. Cartridges Needles Sterilized and Individually Packaged. Better Ink Flow & Shaped On The Inside. Stable and Reliable Work.
  • CNC Q5 tattoo power supply provides quick and accurate voltage adjustments. Improve machine work stability and efficiency from the power supply.
  • CNC Q5 Rotary Tattoo Kit including a tattoo machine; 20pcs cartridge needles; a power supply and power cord;1 ink: pedal and other accessories.
  • CNC Q5 Tattoo is designed to give you a better tattoo experience. CE certification, one-year warranty.; Please keep the machine working under 10V to protect the power supply and the machine.


  • Operating mode: Continuous operation
  • Dimensions: 96mm φ34mm
  • Weight: 147g
  • Connection: 3.5mm jack
  • Drive: Precision motor-DC
  • Piercing Frequency: 35Hz-164Hz
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Power intake: 2w
  • Stroke: 3.5mm(up to date)
  • Needle protrusion : 0-4mm
  • Vibration total value : ≤2.5m2/s
  • Emission sound pressure level: ≤68Db(A)


  • One tattoo pen (CNC Q5)
  • One mini digital power supply (P192-1)
  • One power cord (four kinds of markings are optional)
  • One green pedal (P220)
  • A box of EN05C-20KIT-A 20 mixed needles
  • TI203-15-001 HAWINK color bottle
  • LB000107 1 roll of handle bandage
  • TA523 small thickened practice leather 1
  • TA615 gloves 1 pay
  • Two T201 transfer papers
  • TA713 new diamond set box
CNC Q5 Professional Rotary Tattoo Pen Kit High Quality Cartridge Needles Wireless tattoo
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