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CNC®Tattoo Cartridge Needle Grip G2 Black



  • This 30mm handle provides optimal comfort, fits all hand types, and supports natural ergonomic painting positions.
  • Get closer to the ink cartridge than ever before for ultimate accuracy and control.
  • The redesigned groove pattern provides a supporting index seat and helps reduce hand fatigue. Safe and hygienic without tool removal.
  • The purchase includes 2 9 cm and 10 cm needle bars.
  • Made of pure aluminum alloy, this handle supports overall high temperature steam sterilization.
  • Anodized for durability, available in 2 colors.
  • Design and manufacture CNC tattoo supply.


 1 *Grip

2 *Needle Bar 9cm 10cm .

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This item: CNC®Tattoo Cartridge Needle Grip G2 Black

Availability: 51 in stock


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Cartridge Needle Girp

Universal market more brand cartridge needles

  • This grip from 36mm for optimal comfort, fits all hand sizes and supports a natural ergonomic drawing position.
  • Get closer than ever to the cartridge for ultimate precision and control.
  • Redesigned groove pattern provides a supported index rest and, helps relieve hand fatigue.Tool-less disassembly allows for safe sanitation.
  • Compatible with autoclaves and cold sanitation methods.
  • ball click system prevents involuntary turning even with heavy machines.
  • 2 needle bars 9 cm and 10 cm are included in the purchase.
  • Autoclavable Drive Bar included with each grip. Anodized for durability and available in 3 colors.
  • Engineered and manufactured CNC tattoo supply.



Aviation Aluminum



Grip Diameter


Grip Length



Please use the needle bar provided by us, otherwise the size of the needle bar will be different from the size in the grip, which will prevent it from working.

If you want to remove the handle grip , just turn the handle grip.

If you turn the handle, it feels tight. Or it cannot be turned, you need to disassemble the handle to drip the lubricant and drop it on the core Thread.

This handle grip supports high temperature steam disinfection.

Three Colors

CNC®Tattoo Cartridge Needle Grip G2
CNC®Tattoo Cartridge Needle Grip G2
CNC®Tattoo Cartridge Needle Grip G2

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