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NEW CNC CW2 Wireless Tattoo Machine


After continuous technological innovation, CNC has brought us a new generation of wireless tattoo machine pen- CW2, leading tattoo artists to cross the shackles, enter the wireless world, and create masterpieces anytime, anywhere!

CNC CW2 wireless tattoo pen continues the implementation of the CNC-X-WE wireless functions, providing two power bolts for uninterrupted all-day use, and truly define freedom! CW2 wireless tattoo machine comes with a coreless stable drive motor imported from Germany, powerful with smooth and quiet operation. The battery is securely connected to the grip, and inline and will not fall off during use. The LCD screen intuitively displays the voltage changes and has super simple button operation, allowing you to spend more time tattooing and less time adjusting your machine.



  • Compact and lightweight, user-friendly pen-style tattoo machine
  • Powered by Germany imported coreless stable drive precision motor, the tattoo pen produces low vibration, guarantee precise work
  • Interchangeable stroke cam wheel(We offer you even more choices – customize it with 3.0mm or 4.0mm stroke) to suit different styles of tattooing
  • With a totally renewed LCD display, with backlight and optimized information control
  • 9 level voltage output, can be used for lining as well as shading and filling.
  • Ergonomic and lightweightpen-style design, made of high quality aircraft aluminum with a durable finish
  • Comes with 2 batteries, each one take 5 hours to full charge, will last up to 9 hours working at the limiting output time.
  • Compatibility with most membrane-style tattoo needles on the market


  • 2 Wireless Power Batteries
  • German imported coreless stable drive motor
  • 9 level voltage output(5-12V)
  • Stroke cam: 3.5mm
  • Grip diameter: 32φ
  • Needle depth: 0-4.5mm
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Support work time: 3.0hour-9.0hour
  • Charging time: 2 hour
  • Charging port: Type-C
  • Machine length: 145mm
  • Machine weight : 210g with a power pack, Power weight: 55g


  • 1 Machine
  • 2 Power bolt
  • a few o-rings
  • 1 Professional manual
  • 1 USB type C charging cord
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new generation of wireless tattoo machine pen- CW2
This item: NEW CNC CW2 Wireless Tattoo Machine

CW2 Wireless Tattoo Pen

Truely define freedom

CNC CW2 Wireless Tattoo Machine

Another masterpiece of CNC wireless series – CW2 was born, which realizes the maximum freedom of movement through cordless operation. With Intuitive experience via revolutionary simple button operation and LED screen that displays voltage changes, powerful, smooth and quiet operation from the new Germany imported motor, 2 interchangeable batteries, you can focus on tattooing with more flexibility.

Two Wireless Powerbolts

Wireless Tattoo Pen CW2 is equipped with two PowerBolt for cyclic use and works continuously. The battery uses 1000mAh lithium polymer, which has a long life and fast charging speed.

Support work time

3.0hour-9.0hour (Test Results)

Charging time

2 hour USB Type-C Fast charge

9 level voltage control

5.0V-11.0V, in 0.8V steps

Battery capacity


wireless tattoo pen battery

9 Level Voltage Control

Best machine for shading, lining and color filling

  • 1                      5.0V
  • 2                      5.8V
  • 3                      6.6V
  • 4                      7.4V
  • 5                      8.2V
  • 6                      8.9V
  • 7                      9.6V
  • 8                     10.3V
  • 9                    11.0V

Two Colors Available

CNC cw2 wireless tattoo pen

Matte Black with High-polish Gold

CNC CW2 Wireless Tattoo Machine

Matte Grey with High-polish Blue

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Weight 1 kg

Black, Grey

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Diana Morley

The machine arrived safely and quickly. It is very light and runs quietly. The 2 batteries supplied (very practical) fit perfectly and close magnetically. It's super well packaged, makes a really nice addition to my collection.
Highly recommend!

Evan lloyd
Light and strong product!

Everything is as it's said in the description. The pen is very easy to control in hand not too buzzy and I really like the design and fit.