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RHEIN Gloss EM133 Kit


Get this Rhein EM133 kit can save you money and time to find other accessories. This all-in-one tattoo kit includes everything you need to start tattoo working. And as the tattoo pen in the kit, we provide a 6-month quality warranty.

EM133 has these features:

  • A wider head, the overall center of gravity forward, comfortable handgrip when working can effectively slow down the recoil of the tattoo needle, easier to operate.
  • Equipped with a more widely used high-quality motor, strong torque, smooth rotation of the shaft.
  • Unique head knob ball, the use of softer, but also more intuitive and more convenient to assist the operator’s judgment of the needle out of the length.
  • Guarantees complete freedom of movement.
  • A seamless, adjustable Grip is compatible with all needles.


  • High-Quality tattoo machine EM133.
  • All you need is One Kit.
  • Power plugs are suitable for national standards, choose the one that suits you. (AU,EU,UK,US)
  •  EM133 3.5 has a stroke of 3.2 mm, which provides a good balance between lining and shading.
  • Manufactured according to medical standard (ISO 13485)


  • Rated Voltage: 10V DC
  • Startup Voltage: 5V
  • Rated power: 4.5W
  • Max Withstand Torque:
  • Stroke: 3.2mm
  • No Load Speed(6v): 3780RPM
  • No Load Speed(8v): 5040RPM
  • No Load Speed(9v): 6300RPM
  • Adjustable Needle Depth: 0 – 4.5mm

Operating voltage: 7-11v. Do not work for a long time in excess of the rated voltage


  • Tattoo Machine * 1
  • Mini Cube Power Supply Blue
  • Foot Pedal * 1
  • RHEIN Professional Tattoo Ink.
  • RHEIN Mixing Needle cartridge 20 PCS * 1 Box
  • Tattoo Protective Film (5 pieces) 1 pack
  • Tattoo self-adhesive bandages handle bandages 2pc
  • Practice Leather * 1
  • Aluminum Kit Case Black *1
  • 2 gloves (1 Pair)
  • Coloring cup * 1 pack
rhein tattoo machine kit EM133
This item: RHEIN Gloss EM133 Kit

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Customer Reviews

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Romas Latvenas
Love it get it you won't regret it!!!

This is a pretty great refresh tattoo machine kit. The machine itself, I AM IN LOVE WITH! The carry case is very convenient.
The needle cartridges I have not worked with yet but, just from looking at, I love that they are open tube... I tend to enjoy working
with open tubes much more. I love that ink caps are included because you can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH of these and the grip tape
and gloves as well. what I am really REALLY impressed with, is the quantity of ink... I will be using it on myself before any client and
I will update with that information later on how it goes and how well the ink takes along with the consistency and hold.

Excellent item, one of the best rotary tattoo machines for the price.

I've ordered two of these by now.

The first tattoo machine I got is by far one of the best tattoo machines I've handled, Customer support is pretty good,
even a year after my original purchase they still check from time to time that the machine are working as intended.

This model is definitely one of the best rotary machines I've handled, and not only of the price range, but in general.

Very nice rotary tattoo machine

By silent I mean if you have a sleeping kid in the room, no worries :)
Not a lot of vibration in the hands. Not super heavy but a good balance is more important than weight. I would recommend getting the whole tattoo kit
instead of the separate tattoo pen only. Its a very nice deal just doing the whole kit

Great machine, great lines!

I purchased this. This machine is slightly larger than the inexpensive Chinese machines. Slightly heavier too. But performance was night and day when comparing the two. I'm not a professional by any means, and I know it's still considered a cheap machine, but for me, it does a beautiful job. I'd definitely buy it again. Looking to purchase the x1 next.

No regerts !

This machine is amazing. Versatile and the battery lasts 5+ hours. Charges fast. I bought two and I rotate them.