Rhein Silicone Tattoo Practice Skins A4 Size 5PCS


Tattoo practice skin can practice different tattooing and microblading eyebrow, from shadow to sketching. Enable a more realistic tattoo experience without practicing the leather. Providing enough space for your masterpiece creation.


  • Thick enough for double-sided usage. The elastic tattoo skin can be wrapped around the object to make it have the contour you want, helping you learn how to tattoo the contour of the body parts such as arms and legs, chest, or back. Silicone skin tattooing exercises are perfect for tattoos, micro-sculpting exercises, and eyebrow exercises.
  • The tattooed skin is made of high-quality silicone, which is soft and elastic. Flexible and has a similar feel as human skin, with no blemishes. Better skin touch experience, get a more authentic tattoo experience.
  • Designed for tattoo practice. It is an ideal choice for tattoo beginners and experienced tattooists.
  • Tattoo practice skin can practice different techniques, from sketching to color packing.
  • Test your progress during the practice, or test a new tattoo machine or ink. Practice skin is a good way to get used to the weight and balance of the machine, and helps learn about needle depth, and how to pull a neat line.


Size: 296x198x2mm

Quantity: 5pcs/Lot

Tattoo Practice Skin
This item: Rhein Silicone Tattoo Practice Skins A4 Size 5PCS
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