STIGMA Cartridges 50pcs Mixed Size


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STIGMA Cartridges With Membrane Sterilized Package, Newly Designed By Tattoo Artists For Tattoo Lovers.


  • The transparent light blue is a symbol of healing, and we are serious about harmless.
  • Professional Tattoo Needles are harmless, sterilized stainless steel for daily use.
  • The transparent cartridges needle tips make it easier to observe the needle striking and inks,
  • Made of 304 surgical stainless steel and medical-grade plastic. E.O. sterilized and packaged in a blister pack.
  • The round needle tips designed with a slope and the flat tips designed with an arc, very suitable for detailed artworks. Rubber band-loaded cartridges, with a plastic membrane so that tattoo ink won’t flow back to the tubes.
  • Each needle is compatible with standard cartridge tattoo machines and grips. Carefully designed and more convenient to use.


Package: 50pcs per box, mixed size

50KIT-Q -#12 Standard Round Liner

1201RL ,1203RL ,1205RL ,1207RL 1209RL, each size 10Pcs.

50KIT-R -#10 Bugpin Round Liner

1003RL ,1005RL, 1007RL ,1009RL ,1011RL, each size 10Pcs.

50KIT-X -#12 Standard Round Liner & Round Magnum

1203RL,1205RL,1207RL,1209RM,1215RM,each size 10Pcs.

50KIT-Y -#10 Bugpin Round Liner & Round Shader

1003RS,1005RS,1009RS,1003RL,1005RL,each size 10Pcs.

50KIT-Z -#10 Bugpin Round Liner/Round Magnum

1003RL, 1005RL ,1007RL, 1007RM,1009RM,each size 10Pcs.


Weight 0.5 kg
Mixed 50 pcs

50KIT-Q, 50KIT-R, 50KIT-X, 50KIT-Y, 50KIT-Z