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STIGMA Silicone Tattoo Finger Ledge Cartridges Needles RL

$11.86 - $14.95

The new generation STIGMA Tattoo Finger Ledge Cartridges Needles is ergonomically designed from STIGMA EN05, which is favored by tattoo artists all over the world. The Stigma EN05-FG Cartridge features a sleeker, lighter design, providing a level of comfort and control never before seen in a needle cartridge. While tattooists create their masterpieces, EN05-FG is responsible for protecting their fingers from pain.


  • The nice Silicone Wrap on each needle grip locks perfectly, enables you to hold your machine more comfortably and steadily.
  • Give artist finger extra comfort, less finger fatigue and absorbs those damaging vibrations while tattooing. It reduces the difference in the diameter of your machine and cartridge.
  • A unique feature, the cartridge finger ledge gives you the perfect place to rest your finger while working.
  • The rubber finger ledge combined with your rubber gloves reduces slipping, especially doing whipping and pendulum.
  • The needle tip body is transparent, offering complete visibility of the needle and ink flow while tattooing.
  • The cartridges are fitted with secure membrane, which ensures that no ink or blood can leak through in to the grip.
  • Made of surgical stainless steel, 100% EO Gas sterilized, and individually packaged, keep the quality high and artists and clients safe.


  • Configuration: Round Liner
  • Needle Diameter: 30mm(#10),0.35mm(#12)
  • Box Quantity: 16 Pcs cartridges
  • Color: Transparent tip
  • Single-mould casing
  • Medical-grade plastic tips
  • Safety membrane
Finger Ledge Cartridges
This item: STIGMA Silicone Tattoo Finger Ledge Cartridges Needles RL
$11.86 - $14.95
$11.86 - $14.95
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EN05-FG-16-1003RL, EN05-FG-16-1005RL, EN05-FG-16-1007RL, EN05-FG-16-1009RL, EN05-FG-16-1201RL, EN05-FG-16-1203RL, EN05-FG-16-1205RL, EN05-FG-16-1207RL, EN05-FG-16-1209RL, EN05-FG-16-1211RL

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