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Tattoo Rubber Finger Ledge 60Pcs/Box


Tattoo Rubber Finger Ledge for QUELLEPOLICE Cartridges


  • The finger ledge is ergonomically designed to give you the best grip, simply place it into the tattoo needle cartridges for any tattoo use.
  • This rubberized finger ledge slips over the end of the tattoo cartridges, reducing the difference in diameter between your tattoo machine and the tattoo cartridge.
  • The combination of rubber finger ledges and rubber gloves, which reduces slippage, especially when performing techniques such as whipping or posing.
  • Finger ledge helps tattoo artists transition from a single thin PMU tattoo pen to a rotary tattoo machine.


  • 60pcs* 3 color mixed finger ledge
  • 1 * box


This item: Tattoo Rubber Finger Ledge 60Pcs/Box
1 × CNC®Tattoo Cartridge Needle Grip G2 Black

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