CNC X-WE Wireless Tattoo Machine

Wireless Tattoo Machine CNC X-WE


CNC X-WE Wireless Tattoo Machine

Wireless tattoo machines are the most comfortable and efficient machines in modern tattooing. The wireless tattoo machine CNC-WE is one of CNC’s most famous rotary tattoo pens, featured by many tattoo artists in the world for its unique and innovative wireless design. Pair your CNC X-WE with our awesome tattoo cartridges range with The CNC X WE Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit for superb round performance, which is strongly recommended.

The wireless tattoo pen motor used by CNC WE is the shortest motor drive designed by CNC technical department, retaining the power but saving on weight and space. We have also abandoned the direct drive system with the CNC X-WE, giving our pen style, wireless machine greater versatility across all tattoo styles.


  • True Wireless tattoo machine.
  • Custom Germany coreless motor with dual-shaft
  • Replaceable stroke cam drive system
  • Minimal vibrations and low noise
  • 13 voltage control level
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • Type-C power connection. It’s always easy to find a type-c cord.
  • Grip Diameter:31.5φ
  • Stroke Cam: 3.5mm(3.0 and 4.0mm cams also available)
  • Length: 141mm with power pack
  • Weight: 176g with a power pack, Power weight: 37.4g
  • Full control of parameters
  • No Start-up delay


  • Nominal voltage:12V
  • Nominal torque:6.18 mNm
  • No-load speed:10060rpm
  • Motor driver: precise Germany DC-Motor
  • Max. efficiency:85 %
  • Vibration value:<2.5m2/s


  • 1 Machine
  • 2 Power bolt
  • 1 Professional manual
  • 1 Type-C cord.
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2 Pcs Wireless Powerbolts

Wireless Tattoo Pen X-WE is equipped with two PowerBolt for cyclic use and works continuously. The battery uses 900mAh lithium polymer, which has a long life and fast charging speed.

Support work time

3.0hour-9.0hour (Test Results)

Voltage output

Default start voltage:7.0V

13 level voltage control

in 0.5V steps

Charging time

1.5 hour USB Type-C Fast charge

Advanced Drive & Motor

The wireless tattoo machine X-WE is equipped with a special coreless motor-DC for tattoo work. In our extensive testing and through feedback from professional tattoo artists this machine is proving to be a truly versatile tool suited to all tattoo styles. It is marked with the motors of other professional tattoo machines. It produces a smaller volume when working, improves the working time of the power bolt, and the motor has a longer life.

Grip & Needle Depth Adjustment

The grip supports approximately 300° rotation adjustment, and the depth of the needle changes from 0-4mm in the 300° rotation range. The grip can accurately lock the needle depth.


Retractable cartridge slot

By retracting the cartridge slot this allows a greater needle depth range. The grip is also marked to instantly show the selected needle depth.

As shown, Figure 1 means that the needle length is 0mm, and this slot protrudes from the grip. Figure 2 The needle length is 4mm, this slot is retracted about 1mm in the grip.

wireless tattoo machine

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Super Value Professional Tattoo Machine Kit

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