cnc q2 rotary tattoo machine
cnc rotary tattoo pen q2 motor driver

CNC Q2 Rotary Tattoo Pen Faulhaber motor drive

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CNC Q2 short rotary tattoo pen designed and manufactured by CNC, is the most popular rotary tattoo machine in 2021, featured by thousands of professional tattoo artists. The Q2 rotary tattoo machine features an aircraft-grade billet aluminum construction, fully adjustable 0-4mm needle length, and high torque, low voltage custom motor. 

The replaceable original Stroke length is 3.5mm, you can find this accessory in CNC Tattoo store.

CNC-Q3 rotary tattoo machine parameters

Q2 rotary tattoo pen uses a High precise Faulhaber DC motor, which can provide a stable and smooth experience while working. With a high-performance&precise engine, improve your creation to a new higher level. Q2 rotary tattoo machine is the most famous rotary tattoo machine in 2021. Check the honest opinion By Art-Something about the Q2 tattoo machine.


  • Light Weight. Only 108g.
  • Faulhaber motor from Germany. Famous micro-motor manufacture, the quality is trustable. 
  • Direct drive machine.
  • With an incomparably robust operation
  • Low vibration
  • Reduced heat generation


    • Operating mode: Continuous operation
    • Dimensions: 95mm φ30mm
    • Weight : 108g
    • Connection : 3.5mm jack
    • Drive: Precision motor-DC
    • Piercing Frequency: 40Hz-160Hz
    • Rated Voltage : 7.5V (new program)
    • Power intake: 2w
    • Stroke: 3.5mm
    • Needle protrusion : 0-4mm
    • Vibration total value : ≤2.5m2/s
    • Emission sound pressure level: ≤65Db(A)

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews

      I love it so far! my only complaint is it didn't come w the powercord i thought it came with. Good thing i ordered a portable battery to go w it. But ya, it's strong but soft and i can pull off light gray fade in and outs w out over doing the skin and getting it where i want it sooner

      Very very impressed!

      I wanted a pen style machine that I could afford on a small budget. I think I struck gold! Solid, simple and easy to use. I also purchased the wireless battery pack, which I have to say is insanely long lasting! Customer service is incredible! I had a few questions before I purchased which the response time is phenomenal! I will be 100% buy from this company again! By the way, check out the reviews on YouTube about the CNC Q2 there's lots of information on this little gem of a machine!

      Amazing lol

      first day out of the box this cnc q2 tattoo machine felt like quality. Used it for one full tattoo and I absolutely love this short tattoo gun. The quality of the build
      and the strength of the motor is comparable to the Cheyenne sol tattoo machine.
      After a few days and several large full-day sessions I am in love with this tattoo pen, it actually reminds me of the professional pen
      rotary brand STYLUS more than the hawk pen, but for the price, you can’t beat it.
      so I'm doing this to help people like myself.. Just buy it .. Can beat it and pour of the 13 machines I own this is the best.. Got it today
      and did this tat with it. It lines good and took my shading to another level.. If it lasts then I'm gonna ask CNC or rhein tattoo supply for a sponsorship.. Damn
      good machine.

      This one does it all!

      Love it so much. Lightweight and powerful.

      Thanks for inviting me for review

      I can't say that the machine is perfect, but at least it did its job well during my time with it. It has helped me a lot in my work. I hope it can last more than a year (although it comes with a one year warranty)!