rhein round liner tattoo needle 50pcs mix 5 type
rhein round liner tattoo needle 50pcs mix 5 type
the structure of rhein tattoo needle

RHEIN Mixed 10 Types Tattoo Needle Kit

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We have selected some of the best-selling tattoo needles to make a needle kit. We did this to save you the cost of time in picking out the cartridge needles, and they are definitely what you need.


  • Made of high strength 304 stainless steel
  • The most common models used by tattoo artists for lining and shading.
  • Come with 50 pieces per box, individually packed, and are E.O.GAS Sterilized and ready to use. Size, sterilized date, and expiration date printed on each package.
  • Transparent detachable tip
  • Disposable for safety
  • Perform slight needle adjustments
  • Decompressing vacuum action, minimizing potential spraying and redirecting to the sides.


totally 50pcs cartridge needle in the box which includes:

  1. 1203RL * 5
  2. 1205RL *5
  3. 1207RL*5
  4. 1209RL*5
  5. 1203RS*5
  6. 1205RS*5
  7. 1207RS*5
  8. 1209RS*5
  9. OF1207M1*5
  10. OF1211M1*5

OF- Open Tip magnum tattoo needle.

Customer Reviews

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Nice gun. Sets up fast and breaks down fast. Very capable of lining and shading and low and high voltage. Power supply amazing. Has plug and play feature so pedal doesn't have to be used always. Did this tattoo and just need a second session to add highlights because my roommate left with the white ink and I have to buy more but not bad. Takes a little getting used to after coil machine because it's so light weight so requires a little pressure