RHEIN Coil Machine Shading Crow
RHEIN Coil Machine Shading Crow

RHEIN Coil Machine Shading Crow

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Loved by professional Nostalgic tattoo artists all over the world.


  • Newly-redesigned Crow RN006 features a revised geometric frame.
  • Secure grip on all standard metal and disposable tubes.
  • The inlaid steel rear yoke provides increased connection and multiple positioning options for ultimate contact with clip cords.
  • The fully-assembled machine weighs 4.85 ounces.
  • The Crow RN006 is available as a conventional liner, cutback liner, power liner, soft shader, color packer, and cutback shader. 
  • Deadlocks all tubes, and a new steel inlaid rear yoke provides superior connectivity with multiple position options.
  • Hand-built