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rhein cartridge tattoo needle magnum
rhein tattoo needle magnum
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RHEIN Magnum Close Tip Cartridge Needle

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Why Rhein Cartridge Needle?

Rhein made the best tattoo needle for the tattooing industry, not only are our materials superior to those of other tattoo needle manufacturers but more importantly, we have stringent sterilization standards.

Rhein is unquestionable the best needles ever made. Each configuration is a combination of precision soldering super-mega-sharp elastic, long blades of increased hardness.

Be aware of Tattoo Needle Industry

90% of the market are needle from ordinary mild steel, which can be easily bent and solder quality is very poor. The movement of the working needle in the tip results in a strong friction, the friction of the regular needle does not hold. Regular needles lose sharpness and what is the most important - serves filings under the skin. The effect of tattooing this kind of needle is miserable and the skin needs several weeks to regenerate. We offer you perfectly soldered configurations of the highest quality needles.

Rhein guarantees that every needle in the package will just be perfect - evenly sharp needles ensure the highest quality of work. Many reputable tattoo artists appreciated the quality of our needles.


  • RHEIN Tattoo Needle: Better Needles Tip Quality.
  • 106 most popular configurations.
  • High-quality soft silicone. Good resilience, not easy to cause excessive load on the motor.
  • The needle shell is made of medical-grade plastic, which is sturdy and wear-resistant, transparent, and clean.
  • The needle is made of 304 medical-grade steel, without glue and low tin soldering.
  • The operation is simple. Easy to replace.
  • Sterile and environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Validity period: 48 months


  • Package : 20pcs/box

rhein cartridge needle for tattoo