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Rhein Tattoo Supply

Solong Wireless Tattoo Gun EM139

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Rotary wireless tattoo machine


ON/OFF Button

  • Long press (on/off button) 2 seconds: power on 
  • Short press to pause (if stay in pause gear for more than 5 minutes automatically shut down in a low-power state) short press again to start the output normally.
  • Press and hold again for 2 seconds: power off

Voltage Buttons

  • Level Switching (13 level switching)
    Up arrow button- level up 
    Down arrow button- level down 
  • Voltage Indication: 12V is the fastest, 5V is the slowest

Pointer Indication

  • Level pointer indication (1 2 3 4 5 intervals from left to right )
  • The pointer level corresponds to the voltage display (the middle number values represent the voltage display)


2 Types Of Charging

Solong EM139 Wireless Tattoo Gun can meet the demand of wireless chargingcut the cord, unleash wireless power, but also support traditional charging by RCA connection. 
EM139 Wireless Tattoo Gun carries a user-friendly, rechargeable battery!
It runs on 1600mAh rechargeable batteries and can operate continuously for 10-12 hours depending on its speed and workload. The fully charged battery can be used for about 10-12 hours.  The USB-C port makes it possible to charge your wireless tattoo gun in your car, laptop, or from a battery pack.

Quiet, Low-Vibration Operation

Move more, worry less with this exclusive wireless tattoo gun design that gives tattoo artists more freedom and flexibility. It's ergonomic and lightweight, crafted from high-quality aircraft aluminum with a durable finish. 


This wireless tattoo gun offers incredible versatility and control no matter what tattooing style you prefer. Compatible with most membrane-style tattoo needles on the market. Best wireless tattoo machine for soft shading, fine lining, and color packing.  EM139 wireless tattoo machine pen both isolated the use of tattoo lines so that you can tattoo freely at any time and anywhere, but also maintain the durability and longevity of the traditional tattoo machines.

 Stroke: 3.5 mm
 Rated Voltage: 12V
 Operating Voltage: 5.0-12. 0V
 Charging Time: 2h
 Battery Capacity: 1600mAh (usually available 10h -12h)


  • Wireless Tattoo Pen*1
  • Battery 1500mAh*1
  • Type-C Cord*1
  • RAC Cord*1
  • RCA Part*1
  • Replacement Grip*1
  • Black Packing Box*1

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