Rhein Aluminum Stroke Adjustable Wireless Tattoo Machine



  • Portable battery powered makes you  incredibly versatile and valuable in various situations.
  • High-performance Fluorine Rubber Ring.
  • Adjustable handle for needle length to enhance usability, safety, and versatility.
  • Type-c fast charging port significantly enhances the useing experience and device functionality.
  • Quick disassembly bayonet design enhance useing convenience, maintenance efficiency, and overall usability.

Parameters(tatttoo machine):

  • Material : Aero-grade alloyed aluminum
  • Motor : Quality motor
  • Needle depth : 0-4.8mm
  • Size : Length is 117mm Diameter is 30mm
  • Needle stroke : 2.6 — 4.0 ; 7 strokes available
  • Rated voltage : 12V
  • Rated power : 5W
  • Power supply mode : Battery /RCA
  • Battery capacity : 1400mAh/PCS
  • Battery adjustable voltage : 6-12V
  • Weight : 197g (one battery weight 50g)

Parameters(working status):

  • Operating voltage: 3.7V 1400mAh
  • Standby current: 8uA or less
  • Charging adapter requirement: Input voltage AC100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Output voltage DC5V+0.5V/2000mA
  • Charging time: 2.5h
  • Full charge working time: 3.0-4.0h
Rhein Aluminum Stroke Adjustable Wireless Tattoo Machine
This item: Rhein Aluminum Stroke Adjustable Wireless Tattoo Machine
The Solong EM139 Tattoo Machine is a wireless tattoo pen, so you have the freedom to work uninhibited! Featuring a long-lasting and rechargeable battery, you can expect the same efficient and quiet experience, but with the option to go wireless at any time and anywhere. The tattoo gun can also be switched to wired mode so you won’t experience any downtime if the battery runs out.
Stigma New Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen EM149
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