em 149 wireless tattoo pen

Stigma EM149 Wireless Tattoo Machine Reviews in 2022

Wireless is the future.

As Stigma’s first direct drive wireless tattoo pen, EM149 demonstrates superior craftsmanship and quality. Instead of cords and bulky machines, this wireless tattoo pen-style machine with lightweight design and 2000 MAH capacity battery that allows tattoo artists to spend more time focus on tattooing with more flexibility.

Every time we launch a new tattoo machine, we invite professional tattoo artists to test the machine and give us their honest opinion and review. 

RYAN KU is a sponsor tattoo artist from Taiwan China who has been in the tattoo industry for many years. His work has been recognized by many people and has accumulated certain fans. He specializes in tattooing calligraphy in different fonts on various parts of the body.

em 149 wireless tattoo pen
em 149 wireless tattoo pen

So honored to have this opportunity to invite him to write “和平” for Em149, which means peace. Let’s see what RYAN KU has to say about EM149 Wireless Tattoo Machine.

The Specifications of EM149 Wireless Tattoo Pen

Unboxing EM149 Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine

em 149 wireless tattoo pen

I personally love the outer packaging which has a Zen-like oriental imagery. The EM149 Wireless Tattoo Pen is professional packaged in a high quality foam padded box to ensure machine is protected during shipping, equipped with 2 other shapes of grips and a Type-C cord.

The Appearance of EM149 Wireless Tattoo Pen

After the needle cartridge is installed, it is actually quite comfortable to hold. Official information shows that the weight is about 215.5g.

The center of gravity is about 1cm behind the golden ring, and the counterweight prevents the fuselage from leaning back when working.

The tattoo pen length is 133mm, the diameter of the grip is 32.5mm, for the weight of it the balance was perfect, very user friendly, very easy to maintain and use.

However, the battery is non-replaceable and there is no second battery, which means that a second machine must be prepared for long-time tattoo session.

The official battery capacity data is 2000mAh, and it can be used for 8-12 hours after charging for 2.5 hours.

The specified initial voltage after long-pressing to turn on is 8v, it is recommended that the lining be above 9v, and 7-9v is recommended for shading.

The EM149 comes with a germany imported stable drive motor, it comes with a standard 3.5 mm stroke, which is a nice all-rounder which you can line and shade.

EM149 Wireless Tattoo Pen Operation

I have done some tattoos with EM 149, and when I retraced under the condition of 9 magnum voltage and 8v, the needle pressure gradually became obvious and soft.

Personally, EM149 is excelled at doing Black and Grey Realism, Fine Line, Smoke, Watercolor.

When the machine is running, the vibration is not too obvious, also is low in noise. The clearance sound of the drive shaft and the tightness of the parts are really good at this price. It worked for two hours without any overheating, and the battery output was stable.

The USB Type-C charging port is on the top, and the battery cannot be charged separately.

There are 3 different shapes of handles, you can change them all to try the feel.

Great choice of tattoo machine for beginners or professional

If your budget for buying a machine is not very high, whether you are a beginner in tattooing, or a full blown professional who can create masterpieces with any machine, such a machine is well worth the investment.

RYAN KU is a sponsor tattoo artist from Taiwan China who has been in the tattoo industry for many years. He specializes in tattooing calligraphy in different fonts on various parts of the body.

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