6 Tips for Maintaining Your Tattoo Machine

6 Tips for Maintaining Your Tattoo Machine

Tattoo machine is a good helper for tattoo artists. While many tattoo studios might be spoilt for choice with multiple machines at their disposal, an artist will more than likely have a particular machine that they favour. It is like their right and left hand, the more they use it, the better it fits their technique and style. Then it becomes even more important to ensure proper maintenance of the tattoo machine to extend its life and keep its powerful performance. Here are 6 Tips for Tattoo Machine Maintenance.

1.Use Original Brand Cables or Batteries

Although many tattoo machine accessories are compatible with most brands on the market, we still recommend using original cables or batteries. Cheap wires can damage your high-price tattoo machine, It’s really not a good deal.

2.Store Your Tattoo Machine in A Safe Place

One surefire way of ensuring that your machine isn’t damaged or loses any parts is to make sure it’s properly stored. Remember to put tattoo machine back in the box or on a machine holder when the tattoo session is finished. Don’t put tattoo machines (especially wireless tattoo pen machine) directly on the table, they can easily roll off to the ground. Imagine the risk that even a ballpoint pen will never be able to write again if it falls on the ground, a tattoo machine made of several parts is also afraid of falling.

3.Choose the Right Way to Clean and Disinfect Tattoo Machine

The risk of cross-contamination when tattooing is no secret, and of course it only becomes a risk when proper safety measures are overlooked. The use of high-quality cleaning equipment such as ultrasonic cleaners and autoclaves is a vital factor in making sure the tattoo machine is sterilized and ready for use, but never over-clean it. Read the machine manual before cleaning, and also know the best way to clean and disinfect each part of the tattoo machine. For example, “delicate” machine gears and digital components “do not like” to be in direct contact with liquid disinfectants, which are likely to destroy the machine. It is best to spray a no-lint with Clinical disinfectant and gently wipe the body. And remember to never use the following techniques as these will only damage your machine:

Do not use running tap water as it may cause a short circuiting.

Do not choose bleach as a cleaning agent. It corrodes the spring and also creates a favorable environment for rusting.

Do not disassemble the machine for cleaning. Ink or water droplets can get into some critical parts and cause the machine to malfunction.

4.Use Tattoo Needle with Safety Membrane

Make sure the tattoo needles you use have safety membrane! Although most tattoo needles on the market now come with it, please be sure to confirm carefully before purchasing! All tattoo needles sold on Rhein equipped with safety membrane. The purpose of the membrane is to form a barrier that prevents ink and blood from flowing back and damaging the machine (especially for pen tattoo machines).

5.Use Your Machine Regularly

Always remember to raise your levels of confidence when you are operating your tattoo machine. Even though you may possess the best tattoo machine on the market, not operating it for extended periods is worse than not having a tattoo machine at all. Use the tattoo machine regularly, session after session, it comes as no surprise that a tattoo machine can suit your technique and style.

6.Send Your Tattoo Machine in Professional Shop for Repairs

Please be prudent to attempt to repair or reassemble the tattoo machine yourself. The internal structure of the tattoo machine is relatively complex, and each machine has so many elements and parts, before fiddling with any elements of the tattoo machine, it is important to have a strong knowledge of how all of the parts of the machine fit together, and it is necessary to carefully read the user manual of the tattoo machine manufacturer. Of course, if you have no confidence in yourself, it is always a good choice to take it to a professional shop. If the machine has any quality problem, please contact us in time, Rhein will always be behind you, we provide 1 Year Quality Warranty.

In Conclusion

As an artist, the tattoo machine is the most crucial part of your business. Usually, once this tattoo machine breaks down, it is very difficult to repair. In this case, you need a new machine. So it is possible to increase the durability of the tattoo machine through proper maintenance.

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