Best Rotary Tattoo Pen Machines 2022 for Tattoo Beginners

Best Rotary Tattoo Pen Machines 2022 for Tattoo Beginners

In the era of the high-speed development of tattoo machines, rotary tattoo pens are popular throughout the tattoo industry, both tattoo artists and tattoo beginners are more accustomed to the use of rotary tattoo pens.

Especially for new tattooers, it is critical to know how to choose the right rotary tattoo pen for you. With our reading guide on tattoo machines, we believe that you will get twice as much done with half the effort.

Which is the best rotary tattoo pen in 2022?

Each rotary tattoo pen has its own characteristics, some focus on line, some are more suitable for shadowing, which is closely related to your tattoo style, tattoo preferences, and tattoo techniques. Knowing exactly the characteristics of the following rotary tattoo machine pens can help you choose the best rotary tattoo pen for your tattoo.

Cheyenne SOL Nova wireless tattoo pen

Cheyenne SOL Nova wireless tattoo pen is the quietest and most low-vibrating tattoo pen in the world, with an incomparably powerful operation.

SOL Nova allows operating frequencies down to 25 Hz, which is perfect for dot work and pepper shading techniques. 

This durable and robust, yet lightweight rotary tattoo machine has perfect balance, with its weight shifted to the front, allowing for optimum control and accuracy.

CNC X  WE Plus wireless tattoo machine

CNC is currently working on a wireless tattoo pen series, upgrading from the previous CNC X WE wireless tattoo pen to the current CNC X PLUS

X-WE PLUS uses a modular design like CNC-X-WE. To make tattoo artists more easily control the machine, CNC adds a new wireless foot switch pedal in the package. The POLICE tattoo cartridge needles and QUELLE tattoo needles are used in conjunction with the CNC X PLUS, an excellent representation of the machine’s continuous high-intensity operation of the tattoo needle performance. The freedom of tattooing is fully realized. The LED screen is designed for more intuitive debugging- The first choice for a wireless tattoo pen in 2022.

Fkirons EXO rotary tatto pen

the EXO is a modular tattoo machine whose core is the same impressively powerful motor as the Flux, the EXO unit is fitted with an RCA module for use with a traditional power supply and RCA cable or the Hover to enable eGive.

EXO offers you even more choices- customize it with a direct drive 2.5mm, 3.2mm, or 4mm stroke, the all-around rotary tattoo pen for all your tattoo needs.


The Bishop WAND rotary tattoo pen is a tattoo pen machine designed for all types of lining work, as well as black and gray and dot work. , the Wand Liner is equipped with a brushless Faulhaber motor with custom windings to provide more torque and power.

The bishop wand tattoo pen has a fixed 4.2 mm stroke and a recommended operating voltage of between 7 and 9 volts.

CNC Q2 rotary tattoo pen

CNC Q2 rotary tattoo pen because of its ergonomic design and brushless Faulhaber motor that is suitable for the lining as well as for shading.

It can be used with a wireless battery taking the operation to a new level. The best rotary short tattoo pen for tattooing quietly.

In conclusion

Choosing the best rotary tattoo pen for your use, tattoo machine and tattoo technique development will make your tattoo career more colorful.

For tattoo beginners, finding a tattoo pen that suits you and performance well is the best way to start your tattooing career.

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