10 Couple Tattoos Ideas for Valentine’s Day

10 Couple Tattoos Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and romance, are you tired of flowers, sweets and gifts? Fretting about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one? I have a great idea! Over the past few years, couple tattoos have become increasingly popular. It is very meaningful to have a tattoo that belongs to each other with your lover. Tattoos represent not only the art of the body, but also a symbol of love and determination to leave a mark on each other for a lifetime.

People are becoming more creative and are finding new ways to ink their love with a variety of tattoo styles these days. Designs include Animated movie couples, Sun and moon, Lyrics, Finger ring tattoo, Geometric patterns, Lock and Key, Micro tattoo for couple, Split tattoo, Footprint and Heart.

Animated movie couples

The “CP combination” of major animation movie and television dramas is a good choice! Choose a theme that you both like to watch, full of childishness, and not too exaggerated! People who are young at heart tend to fall in love with these cute couple tattoos. Cartoons make up for body art that is adorable.

Sun to my moon

Suns and moons symbolize love, light, and prosperity. It represents how the day and night are intertwined despite being different yet complementary.


Pick a song you both like, “I made a playlist for you”

Lock and key

Lock & key tattoos are one of the most popular couple tattoos, perfect to convey the message that you are made for each other.

Finger ring tattoo

The Romans believed that the fourth finger of the left hand had blood vessels that flowed from the heart, and it was called Vena amoris, which means vein of love. Therefore, the wedding ring is usually worn there, and tattooing a ring is a romantic choice.

Geometric patterns

Geometric textures can be a subtle addition to a tattoo or a playful element of energy. Each circle, totem, and line represents a different meaning. Geometric tattoos are like shared memories, combining the ideas between lovers. It doesn’t matter if others don’t understand, as long as you both know.

Micro Tattoo for Couple

If you and your partner are also humorous in life, these fun tattoos will make you look even more fun! A minimal tattoo is intended to be a secret sharing between two people in love, thus giving you an extra bond.

Split tattoo

A split tattoo tattoo consists of a design that is divided into two parts. For this type of tattoo, you can make any type of design, from a phrase to an object or even a symbol.

Foot prints

One of the best and most original inks is reflecting love through the footprints of people.


How wonderful it would be to celebrate love by having your heart printed together in a minimalist way. They are classic and can never go wrong. These hearts will make you feel closer to the one you love. That’s what we want.

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