Rhein Rita Wireless Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine – An Overview

Rhein Rita Wireless Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine – An Overview

If you are in the market for an affordable permanent makeup machine to start your permanent makeup career, Rhein’s Rita machine might be the perfect choice for you! The Rita pen was developed with the needs of PMU artists in mind. It combines the permanent makeup tattoo pen and body tattoo machine in one device, which is popular among PMU and tattoo artists. Considering that most pmu artists are women, the Rita pen adopts ergonomic design, the whole body is slim and light, and the weight is only 92 grams(as a machine with wireless power it’s pretty incredible!), makes it super comfortable to work with. The machine is available in 4 colors: Classic black and red version, and special Halloween version in orange and Christmas version in green for 2022.

What is different about this PMU machine?

Rita’s biggest selling point is undoubtedly its combination of high-performance motors and incredibly low vibration and noise, the machine’s constant steady output and extreme quietness help nervous clients feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment.

The machine’s classic soft 2.2mm stroke length(perfect for starters) is ideal for micro-pigmentation and is suitable for a variety of permanent makeup procedures, can be used for brows, lips, eyeliner, scalp micro-pigmentation and body tattoos. The adjustable needle depth ranges from 0 to 3.2mm, allowing you to tailor the Rita for each individual treatment you perform. Optimized needle penetration not only ensures continuous instant color saturation, but also reduces trauma to the skin, which means less risk of scarring or poor healing.

With this machine, what needle cartridges can I use?

Rita is compatible with all universal PMU cartridges, which means artists using the machine can try multiple brands of cartridge needles, such as Rhein, CNC, Quelle or other brands cartridges, and also avoids the embarrassing situation of running out of needles but not being able to buy suitable needles. In this way, artists can test and try multiple different brands to find the one that works best for their clinic and treatments. Remember to buy tattoo needles with a membrane that prevents blood, fluids and pigments from leaking back into the machine and damaging your device, it’s important to you and the client.

How long does the machine work?

With its bevelled digital display screen and simple button design, you can easily adjust the voltage and check the battery life. Every Rita machine comes with 2 batteries (battery is interchangeable) so it can provide up to 4-5 hours of power on a single battery charge. Two batteries are enough to support your day’s work. The dual modular combination of power supply and handle drive is convenient for your later product maintenance.

Artworks made by Rita Pen

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