The word “Psychedelic” comes from the British psychologist Humphry Osmond and means “spiritual expression”

Humphry Fortescue Osmond

According to this definition, all art that depicts the inner world of the mind can be considered “psychedelic”.

The picture characteristics of psychedelic art are as follows.

  1. Abstract fantasy sense. Strange artistic themes. Any element can be a theme.
  2. Spiral. The visual space is full of fantasy and unnatural distortions.
  3. Bright and colorful variety of colors.
  4. Excessive details covered the entire picture composition space is full of fantasy and unnatural distortion of all kinds

According to relevant research reports, psychedelic have a curative effect on depression. Animals, plants, and even any objects in life, after diagnosing the details of their structural laws and infinitely zooming in or out, enriching them with light and colors, enter a state of seeing everything as a “kaleidoscope” to heal the heart. Turning it into a visual expression and tattooing it on others is actually equivalent to blessing the bearer with the energy of a beautiful world, so that everyone can be happier.

Below we’re featuring a few of our favorite Psychedelic Tattoos, comment your favorites below!

Mexican artist Yatzil Elizalde uses this artistic concept to create fantastic tattoos. Yatzil Elizalde started her career creating illustrations, murals and various digital works, but eventually found that tattoos were her passion.

David Peyote is well known for what many describe as eye-popping surrealist-meets- hallucinogenic tattoos created using vivid colours and thick inky-black lines.

Artist Sasha Unisex, one of the best tattoo artists of the world. The myriad unexpected combinations of colors and forms found in nature are her inexhaustible source of inspiration. In her view, everything human created was originally inspired by nature.

World-renowned artist, Dillon Forte, is recognized primarily for his contemporary style of Sacred Geometry in tattooing. 

“My work is dedicated to the sacred geometric nature of existence. It is my belief that through geometry we can gain a greater awareness of the true meaning of life. From the microcosm to the macrocosm, there are mathematical relationships that underlie the fundamental structure of our universe. The purpose of this work is to illuminate these mysteries.”-Dillon Forte

Nika’s works have long been recognizable not only in Russia, but also abroad: a riot of color, natural and cosmic plots,  the psychedelicity of her style fascinates and captivates an audience of thousands.

She always liked fantasy, surrealism, psychedelic, these styles were carried over to the tattoo. She likes how the body looks in vivid realistic images, but ornaments (including colored, volumetric ones) cool decorate the body and emphasize the anatomy. Her works are mostly based on natural themes and shapes, textures.

Some of his pieces have an almost 3D-effect. He does a mix of black and grey and colorful tattoos.

Oregon-based tattoo artist Dave, a.k.a. Winston the Whale, uses a wide spectrum of colors in his trippy tattoos. The works merge a 60s aesthetics with inspirations from Scandinavian folk art to Memphis design. Traditional floral and vine motifs border prismatic mouths and starry-eyed bats, while other pieces focus more on an 80s appeal with graphic grids and squiggly yellow lines.

You can’t miss Andrew Marsh once you’ve seen his works. They’re characterised by the riot of colours and designs Andrew manage to mash into a single piece to create a unique tattoo

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